Celebrating RI's 78th Anniversary, Mazta Group Employees Hold Olympics

Mazta HUT RI

In celebrating RI’s 78th anniversary, Mazta Group held a special event with great enthusiasm and energy in the courtyard of the Mazta Group office, at Green Sedayu Biz Park, Kalideres, West Jakarta, on August 18, 2023. This celebration of Indonesian independence was held at 14.00 a.m.–17.30 p.m. WIB under the name “Mazta Olympic Independence Day”.
The event was attended by Mazta Group employees consisting of PT Mazta Farma, PT Mazta Distribution Indonesia (MDI), and PT Kreasi Untuk Negeri (KUN). Various interesting and exciting competitions were held to commemorate our beloved motherland and the togetherness of the Mazta Group Big Family.

Spirit of Independence

In a lively atmosphere and in the spirit of independence, this event aims to celebrate the meaning of freedom and independence that the Indonesian nation has achieved. Through a series of competitive activities, Mazta Group employees can celebrate this historical moment together while strengthening employee relations.

Togetherness Through Competition

Various interesting and varied activities have been prepared, ranging from traditional games to modern games. All employees have the opportunity to participate and show their abilities and fighting spirit. In addition to achieving achievements, the purpose of this competition is to foster a strong sense of togetherness and teamwork among Mazta Group employees.

Greetings from the leaders

The “Mazta Olympic Independence Day” event was opened with remarks from Mazta Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ms. Christina Ariffin. In his remarks, he said that he appreciates all employees who have contributed to the development of the company. Then he also spoke of the importance of the spirit of togetherness and fighting in achieving achievements.
On the same occasion, the Chairperson of the Mazta Group RI 78th Anniversary Event Committee, Ms. Shinta Prastika, expressed her joy and enthusiasm for participating in the event. He said this event was proof of Mazta Goup’s commitment to building strong relationships between all team members.

Carving History Together

This activity is not only a place for competition but also a valuable moment where Mazta Group employees make history together. In an atmosphere of warm and passionate togetherness, they celebrate freedom and independence while demonstrating the fighting spirit and collaboration that are the hallmarks of the Mazta Group. Equally important, with passion and enthusiasm, this event succeeded in creating a closer bond among Mazta Group employees. This event also provided an unforgettable experience and became a meaningful celebration of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day.


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