Mazta Farma Adventure Semeru: Sculpting Courage and Togetherness

Mazta Farma Adventure Semeru: Sculpting Courage and Togetherness

On 6 November 2018, Mazta Farma, a leading pharmaceutical company, held an unforgettable adventure event known as “Mazta Farma Adventure Semeru”. This event is designed to test courage, strengthen team relationships, and awaken the adventurous spirit in every participant. This adventure involves climbing Mount Semeru, the highest mountain on the island of Java, Indonesia. In this adventure, Mazta Farma participants experience deep physical and mental challenges while exploring the spirit of “always be the best” which is the company’s motto.

Facing the Challenges of Mount Semeru:
The Mazta Farma Adventure Semeru adventure begins with careful preparation and briefing on climbing routes, safety and emergency measures. Participants are equipped with the necessary knowledge and equipment to deal with difficult terrain and changing weather conditions on the slopes and peaks of Mount Semeru. The Mazta Farma climbing team is united in the spirit of togetherness and cultivates the courage to overcome the challenges they face.

Mazta Farma Team Spirit:
On the way to the top of Mount Semeru, the Mazta Farma team showed tireless enthusiasm. They support and motivate each other, creating a strong team bond. Step by step, they overcome difficult terrain, such as rocky paths, dense forests, and cold temperatures. The spirit of “always be the best” continues to illuminate them, encouraging them to keep going and overcome every obstacle.

Togetherness and Collaboration:
This adventure is not only about conquering Mount Semeru, but also about strengthening the team’s relationship. During the climb, Mazta Farma participants share experiences, help each other, and learn from each other. They learn about the power of collaboration and the importance of teamwork in achieving common goals. This togetherness is a strong foundation in the spirit of “always be the best” promoted by Mazta Farma.

Journey to the Top:
The journey to the top of Mount Semeru was not easy, but the Mazta Farma participants did not give up. With unwavering zeal and strength, they stepped forward. After going through a challenging journey and facing exhaustion, they finally reached the top of Semeru. There, they feel great satisfaction and celebrate success together.

Taking Lessons and Lessons:
Mazta Farma Adventure

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