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“Enchance your natural beauty with D2” D2 is a skincare product with a complete variant that is processed with special technology through a process of separating purified natural extracts and with Multi Lameral Nanoparticle (MLN) technology and Transdermal delivery system (TDS) to provide optimal results with better absorption techniques so as to provide a long lasting effect.


Lynae is a high quality supplement product that is processed using the latest technology. Produced directly in the United States. So it has a level of security that can be guaranteed. There are 5 supplement products from Lynae namely. Mazthione, Befit, Clasium + Vit d3, Vit d3 1000 iu, Vitamin C. All Lynae products distributed by PT Mazta Farma have been registered with BPOM and have a Distribution Permit Number


Feel skin care by using FDF products. With sophisticated technology, you can be sure to awaken the beauty of your skin. With various formulas derived from fruit extracts, it will make your skin brighter, smoother and look younger. There are 8 variants for Peel Off Mask, namely FDF Lavender Peel Off Mask Powder, FDF Aloe Vera Peel Off Mask Powder, FDF Tea Tree Peel Off Mask Powder, FDF Peppermint Peel Off Mask Powder, FDF Cucumber Peel Off Mask Powder, FDF Papaya Peel Off Mask Powder, FDF Pearl & Milk Peel Off Mask Powder, FDF Rose Peel Off Mask Powder. There are 2 unique sheet mask variants, namely the FDF 3D Sheet Mask and the FDF Eye Sheet Mask. There are 2 variants of Essence, namely FDF Infinite Lightening & Brightening Essence and FDF Infinite Purifying & Balancing Essence.


Bioxsine is Mazta’s superior product engaged in hair loss with 2 variants, namely bioxsine dermagen shampoo and bioxsine dermagen serum, produced directly from Turkey with natural herbal ingredients biocomplex B-11 which are harmless to hair health without harmful side effects.


Anubismed is a new integrated product from Spain specifically developed, produced and marketed as a new generation of cosmeceutical care. It consists of 5 different variants, namely Anubismed Skin Brightening (ASB), Anubismed Skin Hyaluronic (ASH), Anubismed Skin Lifting (ASL), Anubismed Skin Rejuvenating (ASR) and Anubismed Body Contouring (ABC). With a strong cocktail formula and synergy between the most effective active ingredients, coupled with growth factors and biomimetic peptides, ANUBISMED has become a pioneer in leading medical aesthetic treatments and is supported by high product quality standards in terms of control and safety.


ROBOLEX is an efficient, multi functional and compact device for body contouring. Many possible types of treatment are impossible, according to the selected handpiece: Vacuum, Cavitation, Low Level Laser and Bipolar Radiofrequency. The lipocytes present in the treated area are destroyed by ultrasonic waves of cavitation. Subsequently destroyed lipocytes are dissolved by using the Bipolar Radiofrequency. The low-power laser therapy (Low Level Laser) performs a lowering action on cellulite. Finally, the lipocytes destroyed are drained quickly from the body, while the vacuum (Vacuum) stimulates local micro circulation and maintains the elasticity of the skin on the treated area.


Opera is a dermal filler product with face and body filler variants at different concentrations in each product which is based on the latest generation of cross-linked hylauronic acid. Produced directly in Italy using the latest technology, it has a guaranteed level of security so you get instant, natural, and longer lasting results.

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